Terrebonne Parish Temporary Housing Information

09/30/2021 07:54 PM

Click here to watch a video on temporary housing information. 


Key points from the video: 
- Register with FEMA at disasterassistance.gov to speed up the process 
-  It is okay if you don’t know your council district number for the form
-  You must have a working phone number listed on your application
-  Basecamp housing (congregate tents) is designed to provide immediate shelter for the next 3-4 weeks. 
-  GOHSEP Temp Housing (travel trailers/RVs) is designed to provide housing for the next 1-6 months. 
-  FEMA Direct Housing is designed to provide housing for the next 4 to 18 months (unless extended).
-  GOHSEP Temp Housing and FEMA Direct Housing both have eligibility requirements and applicants will be screened by GOHSEP and/or FEMA representatives.

*Important note: All forms of Temporary housing are open to ALL parish residents regardless of location and income. These programs do however have eligibility requirements that will be discussed with each applicant during either their GOHSEP interview or their FEMA interview.