New Base Camp Opened Behind Bayou Towers, Houma

10/14/2021 05:33 PM

New Base Camp Location
Now open and located at 138 Scott Lane (Behind Bayou Towers) Residents that plan to stay at this base camp must be there and registered by 9pm tonight. 

  • These are modular units. There are showers, restrooms, and three meals per day for camp occupants. Laundry services are also available. 
  • Pre-registration is not required – residents can register upon arrival. We do ask that there is one car per household due to limited parking at this basecamp. 
  • Please note that this is not LOCKDOWN. Occupants can come and go as they please. Rules are in place only to keep everyone safe. Accommodations can be made for occupants that are unable to make the 10pm curfew.