Evacuation Phases

Contraflow will be a last resort. If used, traffic will flow east on Interstate 10 to the Slidell area, where Interstate 12, Interstate 59, and Interstate 10 meet. From there, people can decide which way they want to go.

Map of Contraflow Plan
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This phase will concentrate on people who are vulnerable to the effects of hurricane winds and water. It is directed at offshore workers, persons on coastal islands, and persons living in low-lying areas.
This phase is enacted when the threat to lives is not yet imminent but conditions exist or such circumstances may exist in the near future. It is recommended that pepole relocate to a safer location. No special traffic control or transportation measures will be implemented.
This is the final and most serious phase of evacuation. Authorities will put maximum emphasis on encouraging evacuation and limiting entry into the risk area. Designated State Evacuation Routes will be enhanced, thereby instituting contraflow on major interstates and highways.

Southeast Louisiana Contraflow